Experiences in the local area

Vøringfossen + Måbødalen. 

Large amounts of water in free fall for over 180 meters, from the Hardangerplateau to Måbødalen.

New walkway bridge above the river (anno 2020).

Opportunity for hiking to the bottom of the waterfall.


Two farmsteads at Kjeåsen, 600 meters above the fjord with a breathtaking view.

Possible to drive or hike to Kjeåsen.

Hike the path up to Kjeåsen to experience how separate the farmsteads truly were, utilizing rope, logs, and ladders.


Norway's largest national park.

Great for both experienced hikers and the less experienced looking for a mountain vacation. 

Marked trails, for day trips and longer trips.

Norsk Natursenter - Hardanger

Modern nature- and historical culture center. 

Three floors filled with engaging exhibits on Norwegian nature, climate, and environment.

Modern cinema, showing "Fjord Fjell Foss", or "Fjord Mountain Waterfall".

Hike in the area.

Plentiful opportunities for hiking in and around Eidfjord.

Routes with varied lengths, such as walk to Lægried, a hike around Hæreid, or a trip to Kjeåsen

Whether you seek to challenge yourself, take a more relaxed approach, or learn about the local history, there's something for you!

Hardangerfjorden Safari

Rib boat trip with varied lengths, with several attractions included.

Enjoy a 'cider safari' after a rib trip.

Experience the wonderful sights around Eidfjorden, with a local guide!


Highly popular hike within Norway. known as a favorite of Her Majesty the Queen Sonja. 

Stunning view of Sørfjorden along the hike.

The highest point on the hike is 1100 meters above the sea.


A truly spectacular mountain formation. En spektakulær fjellformasjon!

Enjoy an impressive view over the water from a plateau formed during the ice age.

1180 meters above sea level, 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet, brings an airy view, including the glacier Folgefonna in the background.

Cider Tasting

Within Hardanger a lot of tasty fruit and berries are grown, leading to a lot of high quality cider, with a large range of tastes.

You can visit the cider farmers themselves, or book a Sidersafari in Sørfjorden

We can also set up a cider tasting event at the hotel, just get in contact with us!

Looking for more experiences?

Check out Hardangerfjord website, or ask us at the hotel!